Nature Inspired One of a Kind Art

Welcome to my website.I have been on the journey of creating since from as far back as I can remember. I am for the most part a self-taught artist. I began from a young age sculpting and painting. As a child I lived by a tidal river in NJ and I remember digging the natural clay from the shore there and doing my best to mold it into one animal or another. 

I have always been interested in nature and would consider myself to be a wildlife artist in general. Nature is a passion of mine to be sure. I spent a portion of my life working as an RN ,and then raising children where the creative juices had to be put on hold for a time. I currently volunteer as a volunteer supervisor at a wildlife rehabilitation center. I find it both fulfilling personally and inspirational artistically. Everything has its time and place do they not?    

While living in Snoqualmie WA some years back I decided to take on chainsaw carving. I am always up for a challenge creatively. I took a class from a knowledgeable gentleman there and began a 15 year journey that started with the chainsaw but has ultimately ended up with going back to my roots of sculpting and painting as well as wood carving. 

 I am somewhat obsessed with making something out of everything. My poor husband would attest to that. My art is somewhat prolific around the house. I am constantly collecting things that I may be able to use in one of my projects. I believe for most artists it is an extension of ourselves to create and we are not quite feeling whole unless we are expressing ourselves creatively.

I do my best work when I am making something for someone so I am always open to creating something special for you.
I will not cut trees for any of my work. I use found wood or wood that would otherwise have been used for firewood.

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